Does Lowes Sell Oversized Air Conditioning Units?

01 Oct

As a consumer organization we are inquiring into the question as to whether Lowe’s is intentionally selling over-sized air conditioning units in order to maximize profits. We have sent numerous requests to the local Lowe’s store manager Ryan Malgado. Ryan never responded to our in depth inquiries requesting Lowes official position. In mid September we also sent request to Robert Nimlock, the CEO of Lowe’s. As of this date, we have not received any position papers from Lowe’s.

It is our position that Lowe’s sold to myself, an over sized unit. Oversized air conditioning units obviously cost the consumer more money up front. What many consumers do not know is that the units are also more inefficient and also fail to properly draw out humidity. We are still awaiting an answer from Lowe’s.


Financial Protection and Preparation

08 Jun

The American people have experienced one of the worse financial crisis in the history of our nation. The questionable recovery has left millions of citizens unemployed. Millions have lost their homes. Will the weak, pathetic recovery get Americans back on their feet? (ipad users view video:

Even if the recovery were stronger, our nation is deep in debt. America is virtually bankrupt. The deep levels of debt will come back to haunt us and create economic problems in the near future.

It is our belief that the Obama Administration is incapable of stabilizing the economy and bring our nation out of debt. Until we CHANGE the current Administration there will no relief for Americans. You are on your own.

If you are familiar with the principles and techniques of Financial Wisdom, you will know that Financial Wisdom works in any economy and any financial condition. Paul Barrett’s Financial Wisdom book and Financial Wisdom Seminar are designed to help you achieve health, happiness, and prosperity in all situations and condition. You only need to learn and apply the principles.

If you want to protect your family and your finances, you need to make preparations. You need Financial Wisdom!


My Wheel Chair Friends – No Regrets – Appreciate What You Have

04 Apr

This must see video is a segment of a lesson in the Financial Wisdom Seminar™ of Paul Barrett teaching a vital principle that leads to Health, Happiness, and Prosperity. It was taped in 2004 and stands as one of the building blocks of Financial Wisdom. (ipod users, to view video, go to:

In this lesson, Paul reveals his connection with his wheel chair friends. This lesson could change the course of your life. It is a must watch video for anyone desiring to change their life and become filled with wisdom. Health, Happiness, and Prosperity are at your doorstep – it’s time for you to open the door.

Most people have more than they realize, and seldom appreciate what they have. Through the eyes of his wheel chair friends Paul Barrett is able to help you live with no regrets and to be thankful for what you have. This video could be a dramatic revelation in your life.


How to Fix the Economy by Paul Barrett author of Financial Wisdom

02 Sep

This video gives some basic advice on how to fix the economy. The last 3 and 1/2 years have been an economic failure. There are obvious reasons for the failure to fix the economy and the blame is associated with our leader in Washington.

Essentially our economy is broken and needs to be fixed. In the same manner in which we fix a families finances, a business’s bottom line, we fix the economy. The same principles apply. The video highlights those principles.

If we want the economy to improve and regain its former strength we need a change in leadership at the very top. Our choice is becoming obviously clear. Choose a lawyer with no business experience. Or choose a person with the highest level of experience. Don’t vote party, vote for the person with the obvious skills needed to fix the economy.

It is time for Americans to wake up and open their eyes. Until we find the right person to fix the economy, it will remain broken. This nation, this economy, needs leadership that works.

Paul Barrett
Author of Financial Wisdom


Proud To Be A Christian

31 Aug

In my Financial Wisdom Seminars, I make reference that I am a Christian. However, not all people viewing my website or my youtube videos are aware of that fact. This video is proclaiming that I am a Christian. In fact, I am proud to be a Christian.

I believe that Christianity is getting a bad rap from Hollywood and the main stream media. There are groups that attack Christians and Christianity. They are Anti-Christ and Anti-Christian. These people and groups are very destructive and promote destructive lifestyles. Following their ideals will ultimately destroy your life.

Financial Wisdom is not a Christian book or seminar, but it is based on Christian principles. These are principle that work and will improve your life. In my seminars, I am not critical of people or their actions. I merely try to teach people how to improve their lives. If you want to change the course of your life from negative to positive, you need Financial Wisdom.

Thank you, and God Bless You! Paul Barrett


New Year Resolution Follow Up by Paul Barrett

10 Feb

If  you read my January post, “New Year 2012 – Or Is It?” you will be keenly aware that most people start the year off with great intentions and expectations. Along the way, however, as time marches forward, they lose their way and abandon their resolutions. What was to be a new year, becomes just another year piled upon previous years of failure and disappointment. This post is just a little follow up on your new year resolutions. So the question is, how are you doing?

Did you even make any resolutions? Are you following them? Are you making progress? I hope you are. If on the other hand, you are like the majority of Americans, chances are great that you have aborted you well intentions resolutions and have fallen into the endless grind of  ”same old – same old.” The new year is now just the same old year with nothing new in the way of progress or success.  Try to understand, your old habits have been ingrained  into your lifestyle, as well as your subconscious mind.  Your patterns and habits are holding you back. Unfortunately, these habits like iron shackles and chains are not so easy to break. In fact, they are binding you to an endless treadmill of disappointing failure. 

If you are tired of being shackled to a treadmill of disappointment, it may be time to join the IFI and become a member. It is also time to read Financial Wisdom and attend a Financial Wisdom Seminar™  - it is time to get wise!

For over 35 years I have been helping people change the course of their lives. In my seminar, you will learn how to break those iron clad habits that hold you back and destroy your life. Financial Wisdom will be your lifesaver. So ask yourself, do you want to change your life? Do you want to move forward? Do you want health, happiness, and prosperity? If you do, you must be willing to do something about it. You must be willing to move forward with courage and strength. One of the best ways to do that is to join an organization dedicated to helping you succeed. Your success is our mission. Be a part of a positive, success oriented organization that wants you to succeed. 

If  you want to make 2012 the best year ever, give us a chance to help you break those negative habits and replace them with wisdom – Financial Wisdom. If you choose to improve your life, I am here to help you. If you make that decision to make 2012 a new year, stick with it and take action.

Your friend and author,

Paul Barrett



New Year 2012 – Or Is It?

04 Jan
    Is it really a New Year?
    Every year for the last twenty or more years, I have published the following article. I simply change the date to reflect the change in years. But I ask members, and those thinking about becoming members if it will really be a “New Year” or will it be the same as last year? 
    The year may change, but have you as a person changed. Unless you make real changes within yourself, 2012 will not be a new year. It will just be a change in the calendar date. It will be a chronological change but nothing more. You life will still be the same. Your resolutions will fall away.
      Because I am a success coach, motivator, and trainer, I want your life to change. I want you to succeed. I want 2012 to be a new year with real advancements in your life. So, as you read this article, I want you to really think and be honest with yourself. Will 2012 really be a New Year or will you wind up where you were last year?

      Starting Out Right

      by Paul Barrett
        Chronologically, 2012 may be a new year, but in reality, when you think about it, is it really new? It seems to defy logic that people would call it a new year and then approach it with the same old negative attitudes, the same old negative habits, the same old negative friends, the same old negative dead-end job, and the same old negative and dreary existence. But that seems to be the story of human nature; for some mysterious reason, human beings are not always logical creatures.The truth is, 2011 will not be a new year unless you make it new! New means change! 
          To make 2012 a New Year you must change. You must turn over a new leaf and become a new person. You must become a person with personal power and the ability to make good on your new year resolutions.   

          Resolutions and Change

          Change is the key to making your new year resolutions more than empty words. Anyone can talk big. We hear it all the time, how someone is going to change his world:
            • I’m going to be rich
            • I’m going to be a success
            • I’ll spend more time with the family
            •I’m going to improve my relationships
            • I’ll quite smoking• I’m going to spend less
            • I will stop using charge cards
            • I’m going to get out of debt
            • I will lose weight
              You have heard it before. In fact, you may have been the one saying it! But how many people put action behind their words? Most don’t. As a result, their resolutions become meaningless breaths of air dissipating into another empty, un-empowering year.Their empty words drag them, one more rung, down the ladder of new year resolution’s foiled promises. Don’t you think it’s time to turn your resolutions into success? Aren’t you tired of being the star in a hard-luck movie? Playing the same loser role? Isn’t it time to replace negative programing and start making your new year resolutions a reality? I think it is and I think you can do it. But now it’s time for you to think and believe that you can do it, and then take action.  

              Taking Action

              A new year brings excitement and promise. Don’t let it fade into another old year. Make 2011 a year of success. There’s still time to overcome defeat and become a Winner.
                Most people can’t do it alone. They need help in the form of guidance, motivation, and support. 
                  The Financial Wisdom Seminar is an affordable and extremely powerful way to get you back on track for 2012 and to keep you on track.
                    I believe that you can change your future, starting with your resolutions for 2012. If you would like more information about the Financial Wisdom Seminar™ give us a call and let us help! How is 2012  progressing? Are you reaching your goals and keeping your resolutions? If 2011 is not your best of years, get in touch with us and let us help you achiever your goals and live up to your resolutions.Become an IFI Member and recieve the benefits.
                         The Financial Wisdom Seminar™  –The Premium Money Management Seminar          

                        Learn How to: 

                        • Manage your Money
                        • Get out of Debt
                        • Establish Goals
                        • Develop a Positive Attitude
                        • Overcome Procrastination 
                        • Achieve Financial Security and Independance   Financial Wisdom Seminars are based on the book Financial Wisdom. 


                        Join the thousands who have improved their lives

                        Attend the original Financial Wisdom Seminar™

                        Stay positive and keep seeking wisdom. Your author and friend,
                        Paul Barrett
                          Paul  Barrett is the author of  the Financial Wisdom book, and the originator of the Financial Wisdom Seminar. You can learn more by visiting our main website at:

                        Beware of Financial Bubbles – Real Estate Bubble by Paul Barrett

                        23 Dec

                        Financial Bubbles, including booms and busts can be predictable. Most Americans, however, are not aware of the warning signs. Most Americans trust their financial professionals. They trust their banker, financial planner, investment advisor, and real estate agents. However, when their trusted professionals fail to warn them of bubbles, we must ask why. Were they incompetent? Or simply negligent?

                        Ask yourself, where were the financial professionals during the real estate bubble? Why weren’t they warning Americans? For whatever reason, it appears that the trusted professionals failed to give warnings.

                        If you cannot trust your trusted professionals to give you the advice you need, maybe it’s time to let Paul Barrett, author of Financial Wisdom, show you how to protect yourself against financial bubbles.

                        God bless you,
                        Your Author and Friend
                        Paul Barrett


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                        END the FED commentary by Paul Barrett

                        05 Dec

                        The Federal Reserve manipulates our money supply creating booms and bust, as well as speculative bubbles. The recent real estate bubble that destroyed the lives of many Americans was the result of the Federal Reserve actions of flooding the market with easy credit. END the FED

                        Wishing you a Life of Wisdom
                        Your Author and Friend,
                        Paul Barrett


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                        You Have the POWER by Paul Barrett

                        26 Nov

                        You have the power to change the course of your life. You can create a life of health, happiness, and prosperity – you have the power. The question is will you use that power? Will you employ it? Or will you let it stagnate?

                        You have the power to change your life and create the life you want. The power is yours. My job is to help utilize the power you have and help you employ it.

                        Wishing you a life of Wisdom – Financial Wisdom

                        Your Friend and Author
                        Paul Barrett