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Get Out of Debt and Stay Out by Paul Barrett

19 May

In the Financial Wisdom Seminar™ and the Financial Wisdom book, I show you how to “Get out of Debt and Stay Out.”

There are many programs that make claims of getting you out of debt. Some of them work and some don’t. The distinction between their program and ours, is that we not only help you get out of debt, we help you stay out!

If you are in debt, become an IFI Member and take advantage of our resources. Our mission is to help you achieve, health, happiness, and prosperity. Getting out of debt is the first step in changing the course of your life and achieving financial independence. Join us and let us help you get out of debt and prosper.

Your friend and author,
Paul Barrett


Beat the Recession

16 Aug

The wise individuals who have attended a Financial Wisdom Seminar are not affected by the recession. In fact, the advice in the seminar will actually show you how to take advantage of an economic down turn such as we are now experiencing.

Financial Wisdom will help you beat the recession!

For those of you who have never experienced a Financial Wisdom Seminar or have not read the book, we are offering a new seminar to help you cope with the economic collapse. The new seminar is entitled, “Beat the Recession.”

Beat the Recession is essentially a Financial Wisdom Seminar with specialized content to help those who are suffering from the recession (depression). We will be posting more material to keep you updated and informed. In the interim, you can become an IFI subscription member by visiting our sight and joining up. With the new emergency price, membership is only $5 a year. 

Wishing you a life of wisdom!

Paul Barrett

Paul Barrett is the author of  the Financial Wisdom book, and the originator of the Financial Wisdom Seminar. You can learn more by visiting our main website at: