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Financial Wisdom Forum Up and Running

28 Apr


I would like to announce that the Financial Wisdom Forum is up and running. The forum will offer our readers and members more opportunities to communicate and network with each other.

Although the forum is up and running, it is still in the infancy phase and needs further development. We are also being over run with spam. If you have the opportunity, visit our forum and sign up. What we need are real people who are interested in improving their lives and their finances. You can visit our forum at:

The mission of Financial Wisdom is to help you achieve health, happiness, and prosperity. We believe this can be accomplished in any economic situation. The key to improving your life is within yourself. The economy is simply a vehicle for achieving your goals and offers opportunities in both recessions as well as booming times. If you truly want to succeed, take the time to study our material and make a decision to apply the principles we teach to your life.

My sole purpose is to help you improve your life. That is my mission. All the material that you find on our main website, our blog, and now our forum, is designed for helping you change the course of your life. I believe there are no excuses, you still have the opportunity to make your life what you want it to be.

In the pursuit of Health, Happiness, and Prosperity, keep in mind the fact that you do not have to be wealthy to be prosperous. Our program does work and will help you achieve the mission of health, happiness and prosperity.

Once again, you are invited to visit and participate on our new Financial Wisdom Forum.

Thank you. Wishing you a life of Wisdom.

Your friend and author,
Paul Barrett