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Financial Protection and Preparation

08 Jun

The American people have experienced one of the worse financial crisis in the history of our nation. The questionable recovery has left millions of citizens unemployed. Millions have lost their homes. Will the weak, pathetic recovery get Americans back on their feet? (ipad users view video:

Even if the recovery were stronger, our nation is deep in debt. America is virtually bankrupt. The deep levels of debt will come back to haunt us and create economic problems in the near future.

It is our belief that the Obama Administration is incapable of stabilizing the economy and bring our nation out of debt. Until we CHANGE the current Administration there will no relief for Americans. You are on your own.

If you are familiar with the principles and techniques of Financial Wisdom, you will know that Financial Wisdom works in any economy and any financial condition. Paul Barrett’s Financial Wisdom book and Financial Wisdom Seminar are designed to help you achieve health, happiness, and prosperity in all situations and condition. You only need to learn and apply the principles.

If you want to protect your family and your finances, you need to make preparations. You need Financial Wisdom!


How to Fix the Economy by Paul Barrett author of Financial Wisdom

02 Sep

This video gives some basic advice on how to fix the economy. The last 3 and 1/2 years have been an economic failure. There are obvious reasons for the failure to fix the economy and the blame is associated with our leader in Washington.

Essentially our economy is broken and needs to be fixed. In the same manner in which we fix a families finances, a business’s bottom line, we fix the economy. The same principles apply. The video highlights those principles.

If we want the economy to improve and regain its former strength we need a change in leadership at the very top. Our choice is becoming obviously clear. Choose a lawyer with no business experience. Or choose a person with the highest level of experience. Don’t vote party, vote for the person with the obvious skills needed to fix the economy.

It is time for Americans to wake up and open their eyes. Until we find the right person to fix the economy, it will remain broken. This nation, this economy, needs leadership that works.

Paul Barrett
Author of Financial Wisdom


How to Beat the Recession Seminar by Paul Barrett author of Financial Wisdom

26 Feb

To help Americans cope with the recession that just won’t go away, Paul Barrett created the “How to Beat the Recession Seminar.”

The “How to Beat the Recession Seminar is an offshoot of the Financial Wisdom Seminar created by Paul Barrett. The Financial Wisdom Seminar is 15 weeks long and requires over 60 hours to complete. Not everyone has the time or finances to attend a Financial Wisdom Seminar. The “How to Beat the Recession Seminar” is inexpensive and short, and can be completed by those who are in a financial bind.

In this new seminar, Paul Barrett shows you how to beat the negative effects of the recession. The seminar is designed to turn your situation around. In the seminar, you will be taught principles that can be employed in any economy — principles that will help you get out of you rut and create a better life.

Like the Financial Wisdom Seminar, this seminar employs and teaches the principles of “Health, Happiness, and Prosperity.”

You can turn your life around and get out of financial difficulties if you employ the principles and concepts taught in the “How to Beat the Recession Seminar.” Are you willing to accept a new and prosperous life? Are you willing to take a step towards a new future? If you are willing to take action, then it is time to attend this seminar and turn your life around.

Wishing you Wisdom and a Prosperous Future
Your author and friend, Paul Barrett


Beat the Recession

16 Aug

The wise individuals who have attended a Financial Wisdom Seminar are not affected by the recession. In fact, the advice in the seminar will actually show you how to take advantage of an economic down turn such as we are now experiencing.

Financial Wisdom will help you beat the recession!

For those of you who have never experienced a Financial Wisdom Seminar or have not read the book, we are offering a new seminar to help you cope with the economic collapse. The new seminar is entitled, “Beat the Recession.”

Beat the Recession is essentially a Financial Wisdom Seminar with specialized content to help those who are suffering from the recession (depression). We will be posting more material to keep you updated and informed. In the interim, you can become an IFI subscription member by visiting our sight and joining up. With the new emergency price, membership is only $5 a year. 

Wishing you a life of wisdom!

Paul Barrett

Paul Barrett is the author of  the Financial Wisdom book, and the originator of the Financial Wisdom Seminar. You can learn more by visiting our main website at: