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Protect Your Health

30 Nov

People are well aware of statements such as “your health is your greatest investment.” However, most people never follow the advice. That is sad and unfortunate.

I always believed that health is your greatest gift and should be protected at all costs. As the author of Financial Wisdom, I encounter people who are often unable to associate the importance of health in reference to money. But Financial Wisdom is and always has been about: Health, Happiness, and Prosperity. If you do not make efforts to protect and improve your health, you are not Financially Wise.

There are many people who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the state of the economy and the job market. Many of them are under great levels of stress. Health may be the last thing they are thinking about when the house is in foreclosure and the bills cannot be paid. I can understand that. However, the wise thing to do, even in dire financial circumstances is to focus on protecting your health. Money that is lost, a house that is foreclosed, a car that is repossessed, can usually be replaced. But health too often cannot be fixed if you destroy it. That is why I say, “Protect Your Health!”

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, spend time focusing on your health. Do whatever you can to protect it. Try to use de-stressing techniques, whether meditation, prayer, talks with friends and family, a long walk in the woods or the beach, etc. Try not to lose hope or dwell on the problem. Focus on the solution to finding a way out of your situation.

Do not try to drown the pain associated with your financial problems by using health destroying substances or practices. Do not use alcohol, drugs, or excessive eating. Stay away from health destroyers like sugar, caffeine, low quality fats. Stick to the basics and try to eat as healthy as possible. Also include low intensity exercise and don’t forget to take your vitamins. Even in the worse of financial circumstances, do whatever you can do to protect your health.

Remember, the 20% that you do to protect your health will reap 80% of the results. You do not have to do anything that is expensive or extreme to protect your health. In my seminars I go into great detail regarding health and offer various nutritional programs and supplements. What I have found is that focusing on the basic principles, keeping a positive attitude, reducing stress, and focusing on a new start can do more than all the fancy programs on earth. You are a valuable person treat yourself as such. Do all within your power to protect your health. Then when things turn around you will have preserved your most important asset – your health.

Stay positive and keep seeking wisdom.
Paul Barrett

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