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Beware of Financial Bubbles – Real Estate Bubble by Paul Barrett

23 Dec

Financial Bubbles, including booms and busts can be predictable. Most Americans, however, are not aware of the warning signs. Most Americans trust their financial professionals. They trust their banker, financial planner, investment advisor, and real estate agents. However, when their trusted professionals fail to warn them of bubbles, we must ask why. Were they incompetent? Or simply negligent?

Ask yourself, where were the financial professionals during the real estate bubble? Why weren’t they warning Americans? For whatever reason, it appears that the trusted professionals failed to give warnings.

If you cannot trust your trusted professionals to give you the advice you need, maybe it’s time to let Paul Barrett, author of Financial Wisdom, show you how to protect yourself against financial bubbles.

God bless you,
Your Author and Friend
Paul Barrett

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END the FED commentary by Paul Barrett

05 Dec

The Federal Reserve manipulates our money supply creating booms and bust, as well as speculative bubbles. The recent real estate bubble that destroyed the lives of many Americans was the result of the Federal Reserve actions of flooding the market with easy credit. END the FED

Wishing you a Life of Wisdom
Your Author and Friend,
Paul Barrett

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