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My Wheel Chair Friends – No Regrets – Appreciate What You Have

04 Apr

This must see video is a segment of a lesson in the Financial Wisdom Seminar™ of Paul Barrett teaching a vital principle that leads to Health, Happiness, and Prosperity. It was taped in 2004 and stands as one of the building blocks of Financial Wisdom. (ipod users, to view video, go to:

In this lesson, Paul reveals his connection with his wheel chair friends. This lesson could change the course of your life. It is a must watch video for anyone desiring to change their life and become filled with wisdom. Health, Happiness, and Prosperity are at your doorstep – it’s time for you to open the door.

Most people have more than they realize, and seldom appreciate what they have. Through the eyes of his wheel chair friends Paul Barrett is able to help you live with no regrets and to be thankful for what you have. This video could be a dramatic revelation in your life.