Does Lowes Sell Oversized Air Conditioning Units?

01 Oct

As a consumer organization we are inquiring into the question as to whether Lowe’s is intentionally selling over-sized air conditioning units in order to maximize profits. We have sent numerous requests to the local Lowe’s store manager Ryan Malgado. Ryan never responded to our in depth inquiries requesting Lowes official position. In mid September we also sent request to Robert Nimlock, the CEO of Lowe’s. As of this date, we have not received any position papers from Lowe’s.

It is our position that Lowe’s sold to myself, an over sized unit. Oversized air conditioning units obviously cost the consumer more money up front. What many consumers do not know is that the units are also more inefficient and also fail to properly draw out humidity. We are still awaiting an answer from Lowe’s.


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